Oak Brass 50W Grilled In-Ground Light W/ Sleeve - Beverly Lighting

Oak Brass 50W Grilled In-Ground Light W/ Sleeve GW402-XX

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  • Housing: Heavy duty Brass.  Body design provides enclosed, water resistant function to protect lamp inside.
  • Lens: Heat resistant Convex Glass Lens is fully sealed with silicon sealant reduces water build-up and puddle on the lens.
  • Socket: High Temperature ceramic socket with nickel contacts. Stainless Steel spring.
  • Lamp: LED MR16 Lamp type, Max wattage 50W.
  • Gasket: A thick rubber gasket.
  • Wiring: 3′ #18/2 Direct bury landscape lighting wire with UL listed, Pre-stripped hub-ready leads for quick installation.
  • Mounting:  Junction Box.
  • Electrical Notes: A remote 12V or 24V transformer required, may be ordered to Elram, Inc. separately.
  • Voltage range for 12V halogen lamps are 11V-12.5V.
  • Voltage range for LED lamps are 9V-17V.
  • Hardware: Hexagonal crew fix to part.
  • Warranty: One year warranty against housing and body defects.
  • Specs: 3.8" x depth 4.16"